Amber (Yurong) Jiang
Position: Senior Partner
Office location:Beijing


1999/9/1—2003/7/30    Peking University    Bachelor of law

Working Experiences

Since 1997/2/1,  Beijing Dacheng Law Offices, LLP.   Attorney / Senior Partner

Jiang Yurong, esq. has been practising her profession for 23 years.

一.Non-litigation legal services

1.Jiang Yurong, esq. serves as a perennial legal consultant for many domestic and foreign companies, including: Pacific Century Premium Developments Limited (PCPD), Henderson Land Development, China Travel Service (Holdings) Hong Kong Limited (CTS), Tsinghua Tongfang Co., Ltd., Dawning Information Industry Co., Ltd. (Sugon), China Unicom, Doosan Infracore (China) Co., Ltd.(DICC),China Central Television(CCTV), Olympic Preparatory Office of the Chinese Olympic Committee, etc. Jiang Yurong, esq. generally deals with the following company affairs:

1)The establishment or change of companies, and transference of all or part of equity interests;

2)Drafting and reviewing various contracts;

3)Consultation and advisory services for issues in Labor Law;

4)Issuing legal letters and legal opinions;

5)Commercial real estate operation;

6)Company's equity interests, control rights and relevant dispute resolution.

2.Jiang Yurong, esq. is experienced in the hotel industry and has more experience in hotel management mode, daily hotel operation, management, publicity, personnel arrangement, etc.

3.Jiang Yurong, esq. is familiar with copyright, right of personality, and the film and television entertainment industry, she actually participated in the legal affairs of many films and TV plays (including co-productions and online dramas) from the material copyright purchase, script development, film and television project financing, crew preparation, shooting and production, publicity and distribution, and finally to the settlement and distribution of all processes; She has rich experience in drafting and examining legal documents and dealing with legal affairs on behalf of actors or brokerage companies, as well as in handling brokerage relations, authorized cooperation, interviews and reality shows, program recording, endorsement, new media publicity, etc. Relevant project experience include:

1)Beijing 8-minute show at the closing ceremony of the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics (2018);

2)the Winter Olympics promo videos (2017);

3)the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Qingdao Summit Lighting and Fireworks Performance (2018);

4)G20 Hangzhou Summit Opening Performance (2016);

5)Zhang Yimou's movies: Coming Home, The Great Wall and Shadow, etc.;

6)Movies:Soulmate, This Is Not What I Expected, LINA and Chinese Women's Volleyball Team.

4.Jiang Yurong, esq. provides non-litigation legal services such as domestic and foreign financing, equity acquisition, asset acquisition, equity incentive plan, dealer adjustment for many domestic and foreign companies, involving film and television entertainment, foreign investment, real estate and other industries, including:

1)JINGWEI Cross-border Syndicated Loan Project;

2)Pacific Century Center Sale Project;

3)CTS Reorganization Project;

4)Henderson Center Real Estate Project;

5)JINGWEI Equity Acquisition Project;

6)Chinasoft International Equity Trading Project;

7)Education and Technology Group of Chinasoft International (ETC) Significant Assets Purchase Project;

8)Tongfang Xin’an Equity Project;

9)Jindouyun Equity Investment Disputes Project;

10)LeVE Overseas Company Close Project;

11)The Acquisition Project of Formula E by Yunfeng Investment Management (HK) Limited;

12)YIMA Foreign Employees Termination Project;

13)Issue Legal Opinions for Luck Treat Limited;

14)China Unicom and China Telecom Joint Venture Project;

15)DICC Dealer management Project;

16)“Impression · Liu Sanjie” Equity Investment Disputes Project;

17)Education and Technology Group of Chinasoft International (ETC) New Three Board Listing Project;

18)ETC Cross Border Stock Exchange Project;

19)Letv Pictures' Equity Acquisition Due Diligence;

20)Letv Pictures Film Financing Project.

二.Legal Services for Litigation and Arbitration

1.Suing tenants for dissolution of lease contract on behalf of Jingwei Real Estate—Litigation;

2.Suing the lessee Jiejing Food & Beverage Co., Ltd. for rent arrears on behalf of Yuze company—Litigation;

3.Suing suppliers for disputes over procurement contracts on behalf of PCCW—Arbitration;

4.Suing Harbor Network for arrears on behalf of China Unicom Cloud Data Guizhou Branch,—Litigation;

5.Resolving company resolution disputes with the shareholder on behalf of ANA company—Litigation;

6.Resolving disputes over an advertising contract with an advertising agency on behalf of Letv Pictures—Litigation;

7.Resolving the copyright infringement dispute with Muye Zhang, the author of Ghost Blowing Lights on behalf of Letv Pictures—Litigation;

8.Resolving Font Tort Disputes of "Chronicles of the Ghostly Tribe" on behalf of Letv Pictures—Litigation;

9.Resolving anti-unfair competition dispute with the French Champagne Industry Association on behalf of Shengyan company—Litigation;

10.Resolving copyright infringement disputes on behalf of Zhang Yimou—Litigation;

11.Resolving disputes over film investment contracts on behalf of Ms. Yu—Litigation;

12.Suing Guizhou Yiside Culture Media Co., Ltd. and Bi Chenggong of infringement of reputation rights on behalf of Ms. Fan Bingbing—Litigation;

13.Resolving merger dispute with ISOFTSTONE on behalf of Chinasoft International—Arbitration;

14.Resolving all kinds of labor disputes on behalf of clients—Litigation& Arbitration.


The People’s Republic of China legal professional qualification

Practice Areas

Company, Corporate Governance, Risk Management & Compliance, Mergers and Acquisitions, Corporate Restructuring & Liquidation, Dispute Resolution, Intellectual Property,Foreign Investment.

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